Cosmetic Dentistry

Invisalign Coventry

Enjoy a life-changing new smile with removable, clear plastic Invisalign aligners in Coventry. The ultimate dental braces alternative!

From £2,500 | 0% Finance available

Cosmetic Dentistry

Invisalign Coventry

Enjoy a life-changing new smile with removable, clear plastic Invisalign aligners in Coventry. The ultimate dental braces alternative!

From £2,500 | 0% Finance available

Discretely straighten your teeth within months with Invisalign®: The world’s most advanced clear aligner technology available in Coventry.

Suitable for:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Misplaced teeth
  • Twisted teeth
  • Gappy teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Teeth on the upper and lower jaws that do not meet properly

What is Invisalign?

Our Invisalign® Orthodontists can you help you to feel confident as soon as you start wearing your aligners.

As one of the most popular cosmetic orthodontic treatments available, the Invisalign system stands out as a pinnacle of dental innovation. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, Invisalign is hailed as the most advanced clear align system in the market today. Unlike traditional braces, these invisible braces offer a discreet solution for teeth straightening. Our Invisalign consultation will show you the tailored approach this system offers, utilising state-of-the-art Invisalign technology to craft personalised treatment plans that cater to individual needs and preferences.

Invisalign aligners can be used to tackle a range of orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth, bite issues, protruding teeth and gaps between the teeth. Invisalign aligners are similar to transparent mouth guards which sit snugly around your teeth. Invisalign is the most advanced clear align system available on the market.

You will need to wear the clear aligners for up to 22 hours every day. They must be removed for eating and cleaning. Every few weeks we will provide a new set of bespoke clear aligners which have been adjusted to take into account the gradual movement of your teeth and gently encourage the further movement of your teeth.

Treatment times differ for each patient, it can be as little as 4 months. You will be provided with a retainer at the end of treatment to maintain the new position of your teeth.

Invisalign special offer

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  • Free Contouring
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  • Free Whitening
  • Free Hygiene
  • Free Retainers

T&C’s – A £50 refundable deposit is required to secure a slot 

Benefits of choosing Invisalign Coventry with us for Teeth Straightening treatment:

Invisalign Coventry

Free Consultation
Feel free to come in and have a chat with us at absolutely no cost! We’re here to listen and discuss any worries you might have about your smile. During our meeting, we can explore various treatment options together, tailoring them to suit your needs and preferences. Our primary goal is to assist you in feeling more confident about your smile. You can unwind in a relaxed atmosphere with a comforting cup of tea or coffee while we go through everything.

Experienced Dentists
Rest assured, our dentists such as, Dr. Laura Tran, are highly skilled and certified Invisalign providers. Their expertise ensures that you’ll receive top-notch care and treatment.

Caring & Trustworthy Team
Our team takes great pride in being warm, friendly, and caring. As soon as you step through our doors, you’ll be greeted with genuine smiles. We’ll do our utmost to make sure you feel completely at ease and relaxed throughout your time with us. Your comfort and well-being while under our care are of utmost importance to us.

Treatment Process

We discuss the details about the steps and stages involved in Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment process

Invisalign Maintenance

Read about how to care for and maintain your Invisalign aligners during treatment.

Invisalign maintenance

Invisalign for Adults

Information tailored to adults considering or undergoing Invisalign treatment

Invisalign for adults

Invisalign for Teens

Find out how Coventry teenagers can benefit from our Invisalign system

Invisalign for teenagers

Invisalign Success Stories

Read real-life stories and testimonials of successful outcomes using Invisalign

Invisalign success stories

Invisalign® fee guide

Invisalign® I7 From £2,500
Invisalign® Lite From £3,000
Invisalign® Moderate From £3,550
Invisalign® Full From £3,800

0% finance available on all treatments over £500


You will feel a bit of discomfort and soreness during the first couple of days with each set of aligners. This discomfort is much less when compared to traditional braces and can vary in intensity from individual to individual.

There are no restrictions on food. The appliances must always be removed before you eat anything. Otherwise, you risk breaking the aligners and interrupting your treatment. We recommend that you stick to water only when wearing the aligners. Check out our guide on eating and drinking whilst using your Invisalign aligners to find out more details.

You should brush or rinse after eating before putting the aligners back in. Remember to floss daily and visit the hygienist every 3 months during the treatment to remove staining and build up so teeth can move more efficiently